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標題: Moon and Planets [打印本頁]

作者: passerby-b    時間: 2022-6-27 21:10     標題: Moon and Planets

Sony A1 + 28mm/F2 lens with Fisheye Adapter, F5.6 with exposure time 15 seconds at ISO 1600.
Taken at 04:43 hours local time on 26/6/2022 near the Huanggang Checkpoint, Shen Zhen.
Neptune was labeled red in the picture for its position because it was not caught by camera. The star nearby, 20 Psc shines at 5.45 mag., is lightened during post processing for recording its position. Uranus was also lightened to avoid being cleared during the denoise process of the picture. Post processed by Camera Raw, DeNoise AI and PS.

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作者: hooooon    時間: 2022-6-27 22:40

作者: apo    時間: 2022-6-28 11:43

作者: mike_leung    時間: 2022-7-17 23:17

其實太WIDE FIELD,都幾難影....

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